Conrad GEO 4

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Conrad GR-3 plus


The GR3 Plus is a 3D ground device

  • Detection depth : 15 m below the surface of the earth
  • Multilingual: the most important of which are Arabic, English and French.
  • Use cases: detection of treasures and cavities
  • Operation modes: 3D ground analysis , pin pointer, and live scan.

GR-3 Plus

Finding treasures is no longer difficult anymore !

  • It is the most practical and easy detector, suitable for amateur prospectors as well as for professional treasure hunters, because it is used to scan the ground to search for treasures, burials and cavities, with a 3D scanning system, through an application that is installed on smart phones, For imaging and analyzing the magnetic field of underground targets.


  • GR3 Plus is characterized by light weight and ease of use, as it weighs no more than half a kilogram (500 grams), which makes it easy to carry, and does not contain any cables because it works by wireless connection with Bluetooth technology with a mobile phone, and a lithium battery (3.7 volts) that works for eight hours, Rechargeable via a USB connection.


  • A 3D ground scanning device that scans and identifies targets, analyzes the results at the same time on the screen of compatible devices such as tablets or smartphone. The results can be analyzed immediately after scanning and measuring . The data that was collected and analyzed in the phone’s memory can be saved so that it is easy for you to return it at any time, in addition to that it is provided with a 3D analysis application which designed to work with smart devices running Android and iPhone.


  • GR3 Plus is a device that works with three different systems
  1. 3D ground scanning : The target location is scanned with a 3D scan, as it captures the magnetic field of the targets, and can show the target location, depth, size, and type.
  2. Pin pointer: It is used to detect targets directly by sound.
  3. Live scan: Through the direct scanning system, targets can be scanned directly while walking without the need to wait for the results of the 3D scanning.


  • Detection depth: Depending on the size (diameter) of the target and the structure of the soil, it is possible to reach depths of up to 15 meters with the (GR-3 Plus) device, and 10 meters with the (GR-3) device.


  • Multilingual: The device’s application on smart phones is characterized by multilingualism, as it operates in 23 different languages, the most important of which are Arabic, English, French, and other.


  • Multiple targets: a multi-use device, as it is used to detect, measure and locate magnetic and non-magnetic targets and cavities (tunnels – rooms – tombs), and is used with all types of soil, the most important of which are (sandy, rocky, and muddy).


  • Sensor (CU-S): Two models of the device were designed, GR3 and GR3 Plus

The GR3 is characterized by the presence of a (CU-S) sensor to                   provide high-accuracy data, while the (GR3 Plus) differs from it by the presence of two (CU-S) sensors in order to obtain greater depth and higher accuracy.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 85 × 25 × 6 cm


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